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Note from our president

A welcome Message from your New President

As your new President I am honoured to be able join the Kings school Old Boys society on the next stage of its journey.

My first and hopefully, not only, success so far has been to keep our inspirational, indefatigable yet languorous outgoing President W.S.A. Shaw esq. on the committee.

I am afraid I must use the words of someone else here: John Richardson Junior said
“When it comes to the future there are three kinds of people; those who let it happen, those who make it happen and those whom wondered what happened”

I believe that as Kingsmen and indeed Kings-people, we are given the skills to make it happen. Although too often on a Monday morning we are in the third group.

The King’s school was and is the common bond that we share between us all. Like a family you probably didn’t get to choose it and there are some bits of it that you wish you didn’t have to share a bathroom with. However , it will always be there to provide that network of connectivity and support we all need at some point in life.

The Old Boys society is in some ways, like set of kindly grandparents that lets you smoke, drink and tell off colour jokes at parties, but will always be around for a big hug when it all gets too much.

I hope that we can forge stronger links with the PTFA and support boys through not only their time when they leave school but also during their years at school. In particular in building a network of members who can help with careers advice and younger alumni who can reach out at Universities to those new to undergraduate life.

As ever we will continue to arrange and encourage participation in a variety of activities and sporting events, including golf (although there is some question as to it’s Olympic status), and to be a beacon for pre-Christmas fun at our dinner.

The more, the merrier and the more we will gain from mutual support; if we participate. So please keep in touch and keep others in touch.


Your President
Matthew Spoors

- Matthew Spoors, President

Years:   1980 - 1987 Email:

  • AddressAddress: Newark, United Kingdom