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Attended the King's School from 1972 - 1979

Died May 7th 2022

Some of you may be aware but John Wilson (Wilse) had some health problems over the last year.

He was diagnosed with a slow developing cancer which had been in his system for a couple of years.

Unfortunately during this period the excess serotonin produced in his body damaged his heart.

The  hope was that his system could be stabilised so that he could have open heart surgery to replace  valves.

This would have enabled medics to treat the cancer more aggressively with a decent long term prognosis.

Unfortunately before Xmas, after a couple of false starts, it was decided that they couldn’t operate.

Since then, John’s heart became progressively weaker.

Mercifully, he wasn’t in distress in this period, continuing a fairly normal day to day life. He was sanguine about his plight and remained good company, particularly with Bill Taylor, with whom he had been close friends since school days.

Unfortunately events caught up with John and he passed away in the early hours of 7th May, at home in Chesterfield in the presence of his wife and two stepsons.

Once funeral arrangements are known we’ll post again. In the meanwhile we remember a true friend of almost fifty years, and a really good bloke.

Bless you John

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